Marilyn Butefish AwardNarilyn-Butefish-new-award

The prestigious Marilyn Butefish Award is presented annually by WSA in recognition of a WSA member who has made an exceptional contribution to the promotion of women’s sailing through service to WSA. This award recognizes service that goes “beyond mere performance of duty.” To learn more, please click on this link to open a PDF in a separate window.

Sam Wagner, Ruthe Small and Melody Kanschat.

The 2016 Marilyn Butefish trophy was awarded to Sam Wagner and Ruthe Small for their continued participation as day sail and cruising skippers.


2016 Sam Wagner & Ruthe Small
2015 John Nelson
2014 George Maronich
2013 Wayne Brandow
2012 Christina Tarantola
2011 Diane Larson
2010 Jeannea Jordan
2009 Sue Service
2008 Kim Stuart
2007 Libby Gill
2006 Karyn Jones
2005 Dana Hutton
2004 Sue Service
2003 Carla Thorson
2002 Julia Brown
2001 Fran Weber-Melville
2000 Charlie Warner
1999 Pamela Fowell
1998 Dawn Andrews
1997 Lindalee Fromm
1996 Constance Miller
1995 Julie Ricklefs
1994 Fran Thom
1993 Birdie Feldman
1992 Judith Endler
1991 Julie Ricklefs
1990 Allison Jolli
1989 Janet Forbes
1988 Suzanne Conklin
1987 Gail Hine
1986 Cheryl Mahaffey