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system how long is xanax in your system for drug test tramadol side effects in dogs itching does xanax come in 3mg xanax safe pregnancy in what states is codeine over the counter Women on the Water/Woman at the Helm

Women on the Water/Woman at the Helm


2016 Women on the Water/Woman at the Helm Regatta

Why You Should Participate in WOW/WAH in 2016

It’s fun! And it’s a great way to sharpen your racing skills by taking onthe challenge of leading a team in a regatta, or, as crew, by trying a new position.

If you’re already a racing expert, don’t turn your nose up at WOW/WAH, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share your skill set with women who are just getting started in racing — consider mentoring someone with their first team!

WOW/WAH is the only regatta of its type in Marina del Rey, geared specifically for women racers – “support your sistas!”

If you’re a boat owner – this is a great chance to help the pool of talented SoCal racers grow – consider lending your boat out – some of the racers in WOW/WAH may be future crew for your regular race team.

Click here to view the NOTICE OF RACE.

For information or to get on a crew, contact vicecommodore@wsasmb.org

Visit the Regatta Network info page, and join the WOW/WAH Group on Facebook.

Sponsoring Organizations:

Sponsoring Businesses:
The following businesses support the 2016 regatta through their generous donations to the WOW/WAH Raffle
Body Energizers
C&O Trattoria
California Yacht Club
Charlotte Tarantola
Del Rey Yacht Club
Fresh Brothers Pizza
Massage Envy
NAOS Yachts
Overland Cafe
Tony P’s Dockside Grill
Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club
South Bay Yacht Racing Club
WSA of Santa Monica Bay