Our speaker for April is Captain Tom Griffin, owner of Pacific Northwest Boating School, will share with us the beauty of cruising/bare boat chartering in the Pacific Northwest, specifically North Puget Sound and the San Juan islands.
Tom boated in Southern California for 35 years but when he and his wife took their first bare boat charter in 2003 they were amazed at the how entirely different it was from Southern California cruising. After a few more charter cruises, they moved permanently to Anacortes, WA. Now they want to pass on to us what to know and what is different about boating in “The Samish Sea”, as Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca were designated in 2010.
Tom’s will provide the guidance, recommended planning and suggested cruising routes for a safe, fun and diverse boating experience. Of note, we will discover just how close and accessible these beautiful islands are from the mainland. We will also learn about a variety of other available activities while anchoring in inlets, exploring marine state parks or staying at island marinas. Most importantly, Tom will point out some of the key differences a skipper from Southern California must be aware of when boating the San Juan islands.