Dear Friends—The conditions in the morning were a repeat of the moderate wind and waves of last night. We motored most of the way until we approached the Cape. We had a great three-hour sail close hauled for the first time on the trip. We rounded Cabo Falso at 1300 and entered Cabo San Lucas Harbor about 1345 hours. We went immediately to our pre-assigned slip, N2, which is near the fuel dock. However, that was full so we did a raft up with Wind Horse hosted by Dennis and Vicki. It was a very tight fit and Skipper Melody did a perfect job of fitting us in. Done and done at 1400 hours. We cheated death again!!!

Next order of business was for the Skipper to take all of our passports and other paperwork to an agent and get us cleared into port. Known as the ”paper cha cha,” it is better to leave this to the professionals and pay a few bucks. Mike did it himself in 2003 and deeply regretted it. Confusing, complicated, lines, uncertainty, frustration. Choose a root canal over this process.

We cleaned up the boat and got ready for the party at Squid Roe. Showers never felt so good. Mike is leaving the boat and moving to a hotel. Mike and Avghi are flying out on Saturday and Melody and Barbara on Sunday. Jeannea is staying on the boat until Melody returns during Thanksgiving week to move it up to La Paz.

The party at Squid Roe was a blast. Much drinking of cervezas and margaritas and lots of dancing and whooping and ‘hollerin.

It will be hard to break up this great team. The next update will explore how we all fit together in a space 40 feet long and 13.5 feet wide.

Captain Melody, Barbara, Mike, Avghi and Jeannea