Dear Friends-It was a rolling start for everyone waking up. The tail-end-Charlie was Mike who somehow slept through all of the morning doings.

There was truly not a cloud in the sky. We know we are in the lower latitudes as the air temperature has risen to about 82 degrees F at 1300 hours and everyone is attired in swimsuits. The crew deployed the sunshade and everyone was “profligate” in their use of sunscreen.

The big job today is to take off the mainsail and dinghy it over to the Ullman Sails boat who offered to fix it for no labor, just materials. With help from Lawrence from De Vrijheid, the sail was removed with ease. We dropped it off at the Ullman Sails boat in hopes that it would be ready for our departure.

Activities for the day were modest. We blew up the dinghy and all of us took Joy showers off the stern washing away the accumulated salt, sweat and sunscreen. Much better. Afterwards, there was some visiting between boats and, generally, just hanging out and resting.

At dusk, many of the dinghies from the fleet (including us) rafted up behind the Grand Poobah’s boat, Profligate, for a concert, shared beverages and dinghy dancing (ask Barbara). It was challenging to find Harmony in the dark even with special Luci lights hung out. With the relatively high winds in the anchorage, all aboard the dinghy ended up with damp posteriors.

There was a medical emergency after dark. A man sustained a dislocated shoulder during some sort of accident. Over the Ha Ha Net, the Poohbah organized some immediate medical attention (pain management) with transport to a local clinic deferred until daylight.

Lights out at 2000 hours.

Captain Melody, Barbara, Mike, Avghi and Jeannea