Dear Friends-Happy Election Day! One of the great joys of the Ha Ha is that we have been disconnected from the insane election coverage for nine days.

We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise followed by a thick rolling fog that only lasted for an hour. Morning fog will have to be something we take into account when we leave early tomorrow.

The most important activity of the day was the retrieval of the repaired mainsail and re-installation. The Ullman Sails guys were so nice about it. Melody gave them some fresh water, a bottle of rum and four limes. When she picked up the sail, there were five other sails waiting to be repaired. They really provide a service to the Ha Ha boats. Installing the mainsail proceeded without a hitch.

The most fun activity was the beach party. Every year, the Ha Ha arranges for a live band to come from La Paz and some nice ladies who serve a fish dinner to over 150 people for $15 each. Hundreds and hundreds of cervezas were served to the troops. The ride in the panga was exciting because it had to cross several sand bars before landing on the beach. The rock and roll band was fantastic and the Harmony crew danced the day away. We were the hit of the party with our matching Harmony T-shirts. Even the Grand Poohbah stopped by and took pictures of us.

Other activities included transferring fuel and water from jerry jugs lashed to the railings to the boat tanks. Melody went over the side and checked out the prop and rudder with her snorkel gear. The entire crew went swimming several times during the day because the water was so warm.

Sunset was even better than sunrise. It was a 10 out of 10. We were seriously engaged in happy hour during the very long and very beautiful sunset. We went to bed early because we plan to get up at 0400 hours for an early start. We definitely want to arrive in Cabo during daylight.

Captain Melody, Barbara, Mike, Avghi and Jeannea