What is the WSA Day Sail Program?

The Day Sail Program is the backbone of WSA’s on-the-water activities. The program matches WSA crew members of various experience levels and interests with WSA skippers who volunteer their vessels to enjoy a day of sailing together. Most new sailors are attracted to the day sail program because of the hands-on experience with our skippers in a relaxed and easy going atmosphere. Even seasoned sailors participate to check out a different boat for a change or to get out on the water with friends.

Who can participate in the WSA Day Sail Program?

All participants must be current WSA members in good standing with a signed waiver on file. There is no extra charge to go on a day sail, just the cost of sharing the provisioning for the day.

WSA skippers will have had their vessels inspected by the WSA Fleet Captain or other Board designates and will provide proof of sufficient insurance.  WSA skippers who volunteer their vessels may bring along one non-member guest at their discretion to help in handling their boat to their specifications.

How it works…

• Email notices are sent to the entire membership usually a few days before the day sail date.

• Interested members need to respond by email quickly to be put on the list for the day sail.

• Most times, everyone can be accommodated, however, sometimes there is not enough room for everyone who shows interest. In these cases, priority is given to newer members, or members who have not recently participated in a day sail. Other criteria may apply as well. Each boat must have at least one other experienced crew member besides the skipper.

• Participants will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information regarding the time and place, what to bring, and other particulars.

• Participants are crew members, not guests, and will be expected to help before, during and after the sail.

• To get the most out of a day sail, be on time, be prepared, follow directions, participate, ask questions, help clean up, and have fun.

For more information, view the WSA Day Sail and Cruise Program document.