WSA Racing

Sailors love to challenge themselves and their boats, some competitively and others just for the fun of it. The women and men of WSA are no exception. So, whether you want your name on that regatta trophy or just some bragging rights back at the club, WSA is a great way to get in the game. The dates for racing events on Santa Monica Bay can be found here.

Racers’ Edge

The WSA is very active in many race events in the Santa Monica Bay and around the country. Listed here are some tips for people interested in joining a crew, learning how to race, or how to find others in the community.

Resources to Learn More About Sailboat Racing

Clinics and Classes:The WSA sponsors several race clinics each year, as does the South Bay Yacht Racing Club (SBYRC), the California Yacht Club (CYC) and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs (ASMBYC). Keep an eye out for these clinics, as they are usually not over-subscribed and you can take your time to ask questions. UCLA’s Marina Aquatic Center (310-823-0048) holds both sailing and occasionally racing classes; however, you’ll need to have a sailing test and checkout by a staff member to use their sailboats or take their classes.


“Racing Basics” website: Information on the local race scene: (Yacht Racers Resource Center) For a full copy of the rules: Online Rules Quiz: Marine Signal Flags as they relate to Racing:

Events Geared Toward Women In Sailing

The Women’s Sailing Convention: (hosted by the SCYA) Held in Long Beach every year in February. This multi-day event has a number of speakers and hands-on activities, all taught by women sailors. Topics include items of interest for both racers and cruisers. The Women on the Water/Women at the Helm regatta: Held annually in Santa Monica Bay in August and sponsored by the ASMBYC. This is a two-day regatta with two divisions: The Women on the Water division is comprised of an all-female crew, and the Women at the Helm division is a coed crew with a female skipper. Click here for more information. The Linda Elias Memorial Women’s One Design Regatta: Held annually in Long Beach in October and jointly sponsored by the Long Beach Y.C. and the Long Beach WSA. The event is held in LBYC’s fleet of matched Catalina 37s, with each crew comprised of 10-11 women. Teams come from as far away as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to compete. WSA of SMB typically sponsors one or two teams competing in this regatta and you can find the guidelines at the above link.

Tips to Become Crew On A Local Race Boat

Yacht Racing is a very popular sport in Santa Monica Bay. There is a yacht race nearly every weekend. This is a team sport and most teams are five to nine people. The biggest problem yacht racers face is finding reliable people to join their teams. It’s hard to believe that every weekend thousands of people watch these beautiful sailboats leave the harbor and haven’t a clue how to get on one. Tip: It’s easier than you think! Use the CALENDAR link above to learn about Race Clinics. They are an excellent opportunity to learn more about racing and meet skippers and other sailors who are interested in  racing. Check the ASMBYC Race Calendar: Go to and look at the top of the page for the link to the current race calendar. You can usually check out the sponsoring yacht clubs to see what boats show up for races and who skippers those boats. Check out the pre-race seminars for the Sunset Series sponsored by California Yacht Club. These are usually in early April, check CYC’s web site: Follow the links to “Seminars.” They will have a skippers list and crew list for interested parties. Some have caught a ride on Wednesday nights by hanging out at Cal Yacht Club at around 4 pm where skippers drop in to turn in their entries. Check out Yacht Racer’s Resource Center: