Sailing 101

Favorite Sailing Websites and Resources

Introduction to Sailing

US Sailing Online Courses

Sailing Organizations

Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs
Southern California Yachting Association
Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation
Women’s Sailing Association of Santa Monica Bay


Animated Knots by Grog
Ropers Knot Page
Marlinespike Overview
21 Boating Knots


Local Marine Weather
University of Illinois Meteorology Training
National Weather Service Training

Sailing Terms

Comprehensive Boating Glossary

Sail Trim

Sailing Simulator (Click “Free Demo”)
Simulator Illustrating Points of Sail and Sail Trim
Aerodynamics and Sail Theory


Rules of the Road, ATONS, Lights
Chart No. 1, Nautical Symbols and Abbreviations
Navigation Rules (Lights, Sounds, Day-Shapes)
Coastal Navigation Course
Definitions and Mnemonics
Meanings of Maritime Signal Flags
US Coast Guard Aux ATON Study Guide


Basic Safe Boating Course
USPS Safe Boating Test
Aqua Smart Kids Safety Training


Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012

Various Sailing Topics

Grab Bag of eHow Sail Topics
SailNet Learning-to-Sail Articles
1000s of USCG License Exam Questions
USCG License Exam Questions


US Sailing – Online Cruising Course

Small Boat Sailing

Small Boat Basic Training Manual

Keelboat Sailing

Preparation Material to Certify With RYA

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