Dear Friends—Today was another rest day. We slept in and did little chores around the boat. No Ha Ha radio net this morning. We were all prepping for the beach party. And what a party it was. We were there from about 1300 to 1700 hours. Packed into that was a full day of meeting boat friends, sampling tacos and beer from the vendors, watching not one but two video drones recording the party doings, listening to oldies from a blasting stereo, eating good food that we cooked ourselves over charcoal and watching the volleyball game. PLUS, we had the annual tug-of-war between the men and women. The women won for the twenty-third year in a row. Something was fishy about all of this and a cursory inspection of the teams revealed about three times as many women as men and the men’s team was packed with rather small boys. Hmm.

Part of the entertainment was watching the pangas deliver people to the beach and most hilarious, picking people up from the beach. The panga guys would overload the boat and then wait for a little wavelet to pick up the massively overloaded panga and float it out to the bay all the while pushing like crazy from the stern. This would go on for 5-10 minutes to our great amusement. Somehow it always worked out.

We caught a panga ride back to Harmony with our old buddy Hector. He is something of a big deal around here. The reason why we love to use him is that he has marked our boat on his handheld GPS. Even during daylight, it is a little confusing to find Harmony among all of the white-hulled monohulls. One dead giveaway is the cluster of yellow diesel fuel cans lashed to the stanchions, but you have to get close enough to see them.

Two of the crew took “Joy” showers off the back of the boat. For the uninitiated, this process involves dumping a bucket of seawater over your head while hanging onto the swim ladder on the stern, shampooing hair with special seawater shampoo, soaping up with Joy dishwashing detergent (or Dawn, in our case) then jumping into the ocean. The ocean water gives you a good rinse and then you go to the forward deck for a freshwater spritz using a bag of water that had been warming in the sun. Incidentally, all of this is accomplished while wearing a bathing suit so as not to horrify boaters nearby. Speaking for myself (Mike), being really clean never felt so good.

Tomorrow morning we are off on another adventure to Bahia Santa Maria, about 225 miles away.

Captain Melody, Barbara, Mike, Avghi and Jeannea