Introducing our online membership application!

New and renewing members, click here to complete the membership application, sign the waiver and create your profile. Once you’ve created a login and profile, you’ll be able to update your information any time.

IMPORTANT: First time new members can use the coupon code: FIRSTTIME at check out to save $60 on the $120 membership fee NOW THRU OCTOBER 31.


Former members, renew your membership by completing the online registration, or by going directly to the payment page if you already have an online profile. CLICK HERE to go do the payment page.


Here’s where you’ll find the member directory once you’ve created your profile. For now, only a photo and the first name and last name initial are visible to the public. Later on, you will be able to decide if you want to share more information publicly.

Skippers and spouses/domestic partners

Only the skipper must pay dues for a Sailing Membership, but both persons must still complete a membership form and signed waiver form. Click here for more information.

Membership runs from January 1 through December 31. Renew early to ensure your membership stays in good standing so that you can enjoy all the great things WSA has to offer. You can renew at any time for as many years as you like.

As a member of WSA, you can visit a large number of yacht clubs! Here is a list of these clubs and the privileges they extend to WSA members.